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Dipeolu denies report of govt moving GDP to 25%

THE former Special Adviser to the President on Economic Matters in the Office of the Vice President, Dr. Adeyemi Dipeolu, has denied the story entitled: “Osinbajo, we’re moving GDP to 25%” credited to him in The Nation of Wednesday, 13 July, 2019.

Dipeolu said in a rejoinder, said: “My attention has been drawn to the story entitled: ‘Osinbajo, we’re moving GDP to 25 per cent’ which appeared in the edition of your newspaper’ The Nation  on Wednesday, 13 July 2019. In the story, I was reported to have represented the Vice – President and to have made such an outlandish claim.”

He said it was meaningless to state that “the Federal Government said it plans to raise the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from the current 15 per cent  to 25 per cent  before the next two to four years,” saying that he read from a prepared text and denied that he “never made any such statement.

“As can be seen from the statement, the closest relationship the story has to anything that I said on behalf of the Vice – President is that to achieve and sustain growth, “Nigeria must increase its current ratio of investment to GDP from 15% to at least 25% per annum.”

Dipeolu said the error should be rectified as the story can cause reputational damage to individuals or indeed the newspaper  itself.