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Hushpuppi calls out Instagram users who look nothing like their pictures in person

Nigerian media personality Hushpuppi calls out IG users who do not look like the pictures they post in person.

The Nigerian Big boy took to his Instagram page to blast some Instagram users who he says look so fine on Instagram but look like “per boiled rice” in person.

Hushpuppi wrote;

Some of you will just be fine anyhow on Instagram when we see you in person you will now be looking like per boiled rice.

Hushpuppi is known for flaunting his ‘wealth’ and designer wears on the same Instagram and the source of his wealth has always come under questioning.

There have been several theories regarding the possible how Hushpuppi earned his wealth. None of them was proved by any facts because only a little is known about this young billionaire. As Hushpuppi himself said, “I Am a beggar by profession”.