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PG&E cuts power in Northern California to reduce wildfire risks

PG&E files for bankruptcy following California wildfires
Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) discusses how PG&E filed for bankruptcy following the California wildfires and how California lawmakers traveled to Hawaii with utility executives last year, while the wildfires destroyed parts of The Golden State.
Pacific Gas & Electric Opens a New Window. on Friday said it will cut the electricity for roughly 1,600 customers in parts of Northern California that were considered “areas of extreme fire risk.”

The company unveiled its plan on Twitter Opens a New Window. , saying that it would start “proactively turning off power” around 6 a.m. on Saturday in parts of Napa, Solano and Yolo counties. The outage is expected to last at least through Saturday afternoon, the company said.

The maneuver was part of a public safety power shutoff intended to “help reduce the risk of wildfire” and ensure the safety of both people and building structures, according to a news release Opens a New Window. .