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Sponsored post for July 11th

GAS Deduction and payment start tomorrow so no panic …

Ye ye ye want to Introduce another banger 😋😋😎😊


#Giftal_bizz is a mouth watering opportunity where you can register your downline with just 3,000 GAS point..

I said it again just #3k GAS point you can have the registration fee from your prospect worth N1800
#Note 👉👉 No referral bonus

If you have 30k #Gaspoint this is an opportunity to turn it into N18,000 naira 😱😱😱 while  waiting for revenue sharing.. you can also use this to pool it unlimited income for your self…
Let do the calculation together.

You have 30,000 GAS point . That means you are eligible to register 10 people with the Points..
10 people Equal= 1800 X 10 =18,000 .

With GiftalBizz you can be making over 20k monthly with your activities earnings  😍😘😘

#Giftalworld is over legit , we no our people out people know us 😃😃

All you just need is to create your prospect account and  forward details to for activation