Win A Trip To Mauritius ​

Finally our incentive plan is here  3-5 people will stand a chance to win cash or A trip to Mauritius or Johannesburg for the year 2020.


  • Earn up to 2Million Naira this year on our platform and win a trip to Mauritius or get a bonus of ₦300,000 so the choice is yours.
  • The most Giftal spin player for the year will stand a chance also to travel to Mauritius or get a cash of ₦200,000 in case he do not want to travel 🧳.
  • The most #Giftalbizz user also stand a chance to win a trip to Mauritius or a cash of ₦100,000 in case he doesn’t want to travel.
  • The best sponsor of the year win a trip to Mauritius and will be giving a cash of ₦50,000 . In case he doesn’t want to travel will get a cash of ₦300,000.
  • Highest Gas earners Get a cash of ₦300,000 Or a trip to Mauritius.

This is how we choose our best sponsor, the sponsor that’s mentioned on Downlines alert testimonies.

Help your Downlines to grow and they’ll always support you by mentioning your names on there alert they post on our Facebook group.

Giftalworld is here to stay and nothing is stopping us as far as the internet is concern, we have a good mission and intentions to grow this platform to millions of users in the nearest future with our innovations , ideas 💡 & creativity.

We know we can’t satisfy all our members but in which way we can deliver we will keep giving our best .

Don’t forget we’re creating a legacy in this industry whether you like it or not .

This is not a get rich quick scheme you need to double your huzzle here.

Thank you I’m Ebright, CEO and Founder of this great platform.